Bright Night 2020

La filosofia e l'arte tra mondo islamico e mondo cristiano: il caso di Lucca e la sua storia

Starting with the well-known cockerel wind-marker of the Basilica of San Frediano in Lucca, an aquamanile of Islamic origin, Amos Bertolacci, Professor of the History of Medieval Philosophy at the School, and Anna Contadini, Professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, present us with the role of philosophy and art as a 'cultural bridge' between different, often opposing religious and political contexts, opening up a perspective of socio-political sustainability to our present and a clear alternative to the clash of civilisations.

Lezioni disegnate

Come si muovono le idee? Il sapere in viaggio dall'antichità al medioevo

As part of the digital initiative "Lezioni disegnate" aimed at high school students, Silvia Di Vincenzo tries to familiarize students with the dynamics of the transmission of texts and ideas in antiquity and the Middle Ages.

Biblioteca dei Ricercatori

Lost in Translation

As part of the digital initiative "Biblioteca dei Ricercatori", Silvia Di Vincenzo introduces the general public to the fascinating and challenging aspects of doing research in the field of medieval Arabic philosophy.

Dantedì 2020

Muri, terreni instabili, ponti: Cristianesimo e Islam tra Dante Alighieri e il presente

As IMT entry for the national initiative "Dantedì" – the day devoted to Dante Alighieri's memory and study, on 25th March of every year –, Amos Bertolacci explores the thorny and fascinating issue of the relationship of Italy's sommo poeta with Arabic and Islamic sources, using the categories of 'walls', 'shaky grounds', and especially of 'bridges' to talk about the pivotal cultural exchange between East and West that can be seen at work in Dante's thought.